What if the Netherlands were covered with trees?

Plant youself a monument and be part of the most forward thinking project in dutch history. This crouwdfunding campaign aims at the complete reforestaton of the Nethelads by 2060. Let your kids build treehouses and make the Netherlands the first truly green country. Thank you for your support.



Our Plan is to start a movement of tree planters all over the country. Each planted tree is part of the Houtland forest and will contribute to a green and diverse country.

Alongside we will continue exploring the possibilities of trees and start projects to enhance tree growth in the Netherlands.


Project Launch

Sun 28 January 2018

Today the 23.01.2018 was the launch of the project in Eindhoven. Feel free to visit the open tag of the Design Academy where the project is exhibited.

Presentation for the World vodezel tag in de buik van de Economische Zaken.



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